Wyze v3 Review – is this a good baby monitor?

I recently bought the Wyze v3 Camera. I decided to buy one in order to watch over the nursey of the baby. We will be having a night nurse watching the baby and hence want some way to monitor her. Also, it seemed like a good idea to just have some a camera to watch the baby’s area and it made us feel more comfortable. This is a review of the camera and how it might perform at doing these tasks of keeping your newborn baby safe!

Setup and Installation

This is definitely a pro. The Wyze v3 was very easy to set up. You simply download the Wyze app and then follow the setup instructions in the app.

The main difficulty is mounting it. I would recommend using some tape to tape it to where you want it to be, and then use it like this for some time to see if it is well positioned. Walk around to check for blind spots before finally mounting it in.

The camera comes with a fairly long cord, but if you want to mount it near the ceiling, you will probably need an extension cord. I put the camera above a cabinet so that the wire can go behind the cabinet and hence not be too intrusive. If you are good with construction, you can probably wire it into the wall!

Problems I ran into:

It does not work with 5G WIFI. So you need to connect your phone to the 2.4G WIFI and then do the setup. It was not possible to find my 2.4G WIFI in the dropdown unless I connected to it on my phone.

It was a bit hard to figure out how to open the base of the camera. I really didn’t want to break anything, so it took some time to figure out how to wiggle it out, and it needed a bit of force!

Field of View

The camera has pretty good field of view. You can mount the camera on the wall. However, if you do mount it on the wall with the camera not the standing up position, it may make the camera on the app oriented in a strange way. This is probably not a big deal but a bit annoying.

The field of view is not able to capture a whole room however, so if you really want to cover your baby’s whole room, you need two cameras. The other option is to mount it on to the ceiling if your ceiling is high enough, but this was too much trouble for me. However, if I mount it in one corner of the room, there is almost no blind spot, so you can also just block off that area of the room, or only check if you think something is in the blind spot.


The resolution is very good. You can not see exact writing on a laptop from the camera, but you can see many details and plenty to see your baby. You may not get the small details of your baby’s face, but you can simply go take a visit to them! If you do want very very precise monitoring of your baby, I would recommend to buy something like the Wyze v3 for overarching view but then another close up monitor for inside the crib.

One issue is that the camera is very sensitive to light (which most cameras are). This means that if you have a bright light in the room, it may be hard to see around it. Your baby should not be near super bright lights anyway so this should be fine.

Video Monitoring Software

The base free software simply lets you view the camera output whenever you want in the app. You can also speak through the microphone or hear the sound. This is useful if you need to step out of the room for a few seconds but you can still watch your phone. However, if you want to be able to see if anything is happening at night or when you are not on your phone, then you will need to pay for the subscription.

The subscription Cam Plus is pretty low price if you only have one camera, but if you install a lot of cameras it can add up. It is more targeted towards security. It can automatically record movement in the camera so it is easy to review if anything unexpected happens, like the baby wakes up and moves around.

The subscription and free software do very different things, so it’s up to you how you use them, and if you want to buy something else or pay for the cam plus or simply use the free software!


The camera is very pleasing looking and fits a nursery very well! Nothing much to talk about here 🙂


This is one of the main reasons I bought this camera. The price is very reasonable and it is very easy to just buy one to test it out and see if you like it.

Buy it here now!

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