What Are The Best Newborn Baby Diaper Brands of 2022?

Diapers are a huge part of taking care of a newborn baby, and will be a large expenditure from the parents. We researched the different brands of diapers so you can know what the best newborn baby diaper brands are and be prepared to keep your newborn baby comfortable and clean in their diapers.

Most Common Brands

The top two brands are typically Pampers and Huggies. Huggies is also the same as the Kirkland brand at Costco where you can buy them in bulk. Most people who use Pampers or Huggies say that they work well and don’t have any leaks and the baby likes them. Each brand has a variety of options and many diapers with features like changing color with pee or helping with potty training.

For subscriptions, some people use Hello Bello. For budget, some folks use Luvs. There are also a few eco friendly brands like Dyper. There are also cloth diapers which are a whole other beast, we’ll have another article researching them!

Overall, many parents go with Huggies and I think they are the safest choice. But if your baby doesn’t like them, you can try other brands to see which brand they like!

Best Diapers

Each brand has a number of options, so here are some of the best diapers that Huggies and Pampers offer that many parents love!

  • Huggies Special Delivery – These are the softest diapers from Huggies and are made with plant-based materials. Many parents recommend these!
  • Huggies Little Snugglers – These are the normal diapers from Huggies.
  • Huggies Little Movers – These are a more secure fit to guarantee less leak – they have a double grip strip to keep the diaper secure. These are for a bit older babies that move around more and hence need a more secure diaper!
  • Pampers Swaddlers – These are the most common Pampers brand that are pediatrician recommended and overall a great diaper – soft and comfortable and leak free.
  • Pampers Pure Protection – These are designed better for sensitive skin. If your baby has sensitive skin, they can easily get diaper rash, so you want to get the diaper that works best for them!

One concern for Pampers diapers is most are not fragrance-free. That is where Huggies might be preferred by some parents, although Pampers if often viewed as the #1 recommended brand.

Dyper is often the most recommended if you want to go fully organic. That can be more eco friendly, but it might cost more, so that’s a decision left to the parents!

Most Important Factors When Choosing a Diaper

The most important factor when choosing a diaper is does it fit. If a diaper fits well, then there will probably be no leaks which is very important. If you buy from a major brand, then they will have a lot of different diaper sizes. Make sure to buy those for the right weight of your baby and see if it fits properly. Usually there is some overlap between sizes so you can transition well. Once you are done with a size, you can donate them or give them away to a friend!

Also very important is if your newborn baby likes the diapers! Sometimes a baby just doesn’t like the smell or the feel of the diaper and it can make them uncomfortable and fussy. It might keep them clean but if they are not happy, it can be a big pain for them and hence for you! This comes down to trying different diapers, and maybe you suck it up for one batch but get a different diaper on the next batch. But don’t worry! Most people have no problems with their babies disliking their diapers.

How Many Diapers Do I Need?

OK, so you figured out what diaper is the best for your newborn baby. Now you need to choose how many to buy. To start, I would buy a little bit less in case your baby does not like the diaper. Once you know the brand they like, you want to buy based on the amount they will use up until they hit the next weight bucket. For a newborn baby, you will go through on average 8-12 diapers a day and that weight lasts for about the first month, so you will need about 240-360 diapers. Sometimes babies are born a bit on the larger side and you can skip straight to size 1. I would buy on the lower end and a couple weeks in order more if you are using diapers at a faster rate than expected. You may have to adjust the math based on how your newborn baby is growing or how large they were when born. After going through the newborn size, they will move on to sizes 1-7. You can find on the diaper brands’ websites how many of each you will probably need, and you can adjust based on your own baby’s preferences.


We just scraped the barrel of all the different options for the best diapers for your newborn baby. However, almost all diaper brands work well for your baby and parents usually do not struggle with choosing a brand that works – the struggle is dealing with 10 diaper changes a day! In the end, many parents choose Pampers or Huggies main line diapers, which should be a good option to keep your baby comfortable, clean, and leak free. We recommend you try a few different options when you can to see if the baby enjoys any more than the others, and then be paying attention to when you have to order more. Check out some options for diapers (make sure to look at the size!) on Amazon below:

If you are looking for more details on taking care of your newborn baby, check out my overview of a newborn baby class:

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