Video Editing

I’ve been working on video editing, partially for fun and partially to improve for marketing my company Voyxt. Got a Premiere Pro license and it’s pretty amazing. I can see how people are making so many memes on reddit now cuz its frankly very easy with it. I find it pretty fun too, maybe another potential career path? (OK, probably not seriously).

A few tips for anybody also trying to use Premiere Pro:

  1. If it is crashing a lot, downgrade to an older version. For me, 14.2 works well, but it was constantly crashing on newer versions (for very weird things like just creating a new project or pressing the file button while other difficult operations work fine). And save often.
  2. Do a lot of googling and maybe a few tutorials. I like to jump right in but there’s so much stuff in PP that you can’t really figure it out just from the interface, so do spend a bit of time figuring out where different things lie. The most useful thing to know about is probably effects (key frames) and transitions. Audio is just a mess to edit so prob just try to record good audio separately. And then there are just basic settings you should make sure you are choosing properly (like what format to export).

Check out some of my work on my youtube page. Focusing mainly on cooking videos right now but if there’s interests in videos in other hobbies or areas of expertise I have, feel free to let me know (software engineering? startups? exercise?).

Anyway, I am just posting here to put something in my blog page. Welcome and thanks for reading my nonsense.

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