Newborn Baby Hands And Feet – Mittens and Socks

Baby socks and mittens are super cute! But do you really need them, and what is important when you think about buying these items of clothing. We researched into these details to help you buy the best newborn baby mittens and socks for your baby!

Are Mittens Essential?

Most adults do not wear mittens or gloves every day. So why does a baby need them, or are they just cute? Newborn babies need to wear mittens or hand covers because when they are born, they have a reflex to scratch their face, but they do not know how to control their scratching yet. They have baby fingernails and this can be dangerous for their face and their eyes – the fingernails might be long or sharp! Babies also may have cold hands – you might notice that they are bluish or feel cold. They are still developing their temperature regulation and their extremities might need some extra help from socks and mittens.

However, babies have done well without mittens, so compared to other essential products, they should probably not be at the top of your list. Some studies indicate that wearing mittens all the time might also be restrictive on the baby, so use your own judgement!

Important Features

Warm – the main use of mittens and socks is to keep those extremities warm. Choose your preferred material (possibly wool or cotton) to make sure your socks and mittens do their job.

Comfortable – make sure they fit and are snug so that the baby is comfortable in them, or else they may fuss or try to take them off. It’s best if they are a bit stretchy and have a good elastic around so it’s not too easy for them to fall off.

Grip – If your baby is beginning to move around, you don’t want their hands and feet to be slipping too much!

Have Fun – have fun with these small articles of clothing! You can try different designs and get a variety pack!


You might want to keep your baby warm when they are sleeping. But do not be tempted to keep socks and mittens on them while they are asleep! They can easily wriggle out of them. Because they are soft, this can be a cause of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). So make sure that mittens and socks are only used when the baby is alert and when you are actively monitoring them!

You can keep the baby warm by giving them a night suit that has footies attached and you might be able to find some that also have mittens attached. You want to be able to tell when they are awake, so then you can go take care of them and put on their favorite outfit.


It’s important to keep your baby warm and properly outfitted with socks and mittens! But make sure not to let them sleep in them though because they can be a cause of SIDS. Some people also choose not to use mittens and that’s great too! Check out some options below!

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