Pain Relief When Giving Birth

What is an epidural? What pain relief options are there for giving birth? We will cover what you can do to feel comfortable while giving birth. Most common options are anesthesia based so will come from an anesthesiologist working for you – make sure to research your specific location! Common Options Nitrous Oxide (sometimes not … Read more

Baby Safety Overview

Baby safety is very important. New parents need to keep their newborn safe because they are not able to protect themselves yet! There are a lot of things new parents worry about, but don’t fear – this article will go over all of the details of how to keep your baby safe. We will go … Read more

What’s the deal with Baby Detergent?

You might see on your newborn baby shopping checklists that you need to buy baby detergent. But many parents might wonder why you need special detergent for your baby – why can’t you just use the same detergent for your clothes? I did some research and will go in to all the answers! Sensitive Skin … Read more