Black and White Learning Cards – What do they do?

When looking for toys, you might run across Black and White learning cards. Many parents want to have a limited amount of toys, so why might you want these learnings cards compared to other toys? I researched into what are the benefits of the learning cards and why many parents prefer them for newborn baby development!

Black and White

These cards are often Black and White, although sometimes with bright colors as well. This is because Black and White have high contrast, and when babies are first born, they can not distinguish colors very well. They can only see a little bit in front of them and things are blurry. Having high contrast is good for newborn babies so that they can see the difference between the colors and it makes them excited, and also helps improve their vision faster! As you notice the baby is able to discern more colors, then you can start introducing more subtle colors, but for a newborn, high contrast is king!

Pictures and Designs

Usually these cards are double sided and have anti-glare treatment so that they are good for the baby’s eyes. You might want to buy a variety of designs that are easier or harder for the baby to recognize that way they can grow with your baby. The designs are pleasant looking and babies are easily enthralled by the cards!

Mental Development

These pictures are very simple and recognizable to babies, so it helps with the baby’s mental development. At early stages of a newborn’s growth, they are working on their memory and object permanence. These cards can help with that as it helps them recognize the objects and also turn them around and see them disappear and reappear. It can also help them develop fast visual stimulation.


These cards are great for a newborn baby’s mental and visual stimulation. The main concern would be that compared to other toys, they may not be as interesting to a baby, but I think that is mainly a concern for older babies rather than newborns, so for a 0-3 month old I think these should be great! Beyond that, some toys like the O-ball may be more stimulating physically, while these can also be used some of the time for more mental stimulation.

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