What’s the deal with Baby Detergent?

You might see on your newborn baby shopping checklists that you need to buy baby detergent. But many parents might wonder why you need special detergent for your baby – why can’t you just use the same detergent for your clothes? I did some research and will go in to all the answers! Sensitive Skin … Read more

What do newborn babies sleep in!?

While researching what clothes needed for a baby, it can become very confusing. Does a baby need pants, or skirts? Does a baby wear anything under their swaddle? How do you know if they are warm or comfortable? These are all tough questions to answer. My research went many directions and I will try to … Read more

Bouncers – Is the BabyBjorn worth it???

Bouncers like the BabyBjorn and Baby Swings are commonly used by parents for newborns. But are they worth it? I looked into the pros and cons and how they should properly used, and which brand is the best. This research was done in August 2022, so hopefully it can give you some recent information about … Read more